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bing_esri_logoEsri Users: Obtain Your Bing Maps Key

For fast, easy service and uninterrupted use of Bing Maps in Esri software, order your Bing Maps key through SpatialPoint, a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner.

Why You Need a New Key

ArcGIS is Bing Maps ready, but complimentary use of Bing Maps in Esri software is being phased out. You now need to obtain your own Bing Maps key and input the key into your ArcGIS products. You can obtain your Bing Maps key from SpatialPoint. Once you input the new key, you will be able to use Bing Maps in your ArcGIS products.

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Locating Mobile Callers for Improved Service and Efficiency

The ability to locate mobile customers and employees can enhance store locator, workforce management, roadside assistance, and other applications. The result is improved communication with customers or employees through interactive voice response (IVR) systems, human operator, or Web messaging.

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Store Locator Location: 54%
Retail Promotions: 71%
Call Centers: 60%
Workforce Management: 83%
Taxi or Car Service Dispatch: 49%

Online Locators: A Ten-Point Checklist

A SpatialPoint White Paper

Store, dealer and office locators have become essential applications on business and consumer Web sites. Retailers, hotels, banks, insurance companies, restaurants and other businesses use online locators to help drive customers and prospects to brick & mortar locations to obtain services, shop and buy.

In addition, online locators are excellent for promoting brand and increasing visibility for a business.

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  1. Customer frustration — unable to understand how to use the locator application or locator provides inaccurate locations.
  2. Loss of business to competitors — customers who can’t find what they are looking for will turn elsewhere.
  3. Lost opportunity to gain business intelligence — information obtained from the locator can be used to gain intelligence about customers, prospects, trade areas, market penetration and more, leading to better business decisions.

logo_pb_new_283Quality data is the foundation for solid analysis and critical for data enhancement.  The SpectrumTM Technology Platform from Pitney Bowes offers enterprise scalability and centralized configuration and management to help you improve the quality, integration, accessibility and value of your information. It includes components, modules and applications that easily integrate with each other as well as your core CRM, ERP and legacy systems. Developing an accurate, single view of your customers allows you to improve customer relationships and create targeted offerings that generate better returns. These modular solutions enable organizations to optimize the performance of existing enterprise applica­tions, improve business processes and drive more intel­ligent decisions.

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Online and Web Locators

SpatialPoint's Customer Online and Web Locators


TCF Bank

Find the TCF bank location or ATM location nearest you. Get the hours of operations, a map and directions. SEO display used for locations by state.



T-Mobile’s locator finds T-Mobile and authorized retailer locations.


M&T Bank

The M&T Bank Locator includes filters for branch attributes, ATM, commercial center, or mortgage.  Also includes an SEO display for each location.


Council on Crime and Justice

Services locator for Minnesota-based social services non-profit.



Try SpatialPoint’s Bing based locator for ExxonMobil in China by selecting an option from the drop down at 1 and then selecting a secondary administrative district.  Select the search button to the lower right to calculate the results.. 重庆市渝北区冉家坝



ExxonMobil Worldwide Global Distributor Locator is a geography-based worldwide locator versus a proximity based locator.


Marriott Hotels

Marriott’s Hotel search integrates into a sophisticated eCommerce system, with SpatialPoint powering key elements of the underlying application logic.


GoSmart Mobile

GoSmart Mobile Locator helps people finds retail stores with maps and driving directions.



Pentair Thermal Controls Where to Buy Locator uses application and product category filters to search for the appropriate sales representative in the zip code entered.



The MetroPCS Locator leverages SpatialPoint to show customers and prospects the advantages of their wireless coverage network.



The nTelos Locator leverages SpatialPoint to show customers and prospects the advantages of their wireless coverage network.


HoneyBaked Ham

The HoneyBaked Ham locator finds locations nationwide and switches to a mobile version on small devices.  Links directly to each store’s page for ordering.


HoneyBaked Ham Mobile

Visit the Mobile version of the Honey Baked Ham store locator


SpatialPoint's Bing Maps Demonstrations

Try a few of our Bing Maps applications below. These represent a sample of what can be created by the SpatialPoint Development Team.  For more information, contact Alex Machinis at 866-846-5900 x82.

Follow The Game

Follow the Game is an example application that combines the use of SQL 2012’s spatial tools and SpatialPoint’s Atlas tools. We are creating driving routes that pass through coverage polygons to determine which radio stations broadcast the Super Bowl along a trip or route.


Fourth Coffee Locator

Click the “Launch Application” tab to open this application in a new window.


Mobile Fourth Coffee Locator

Click the “Launch Application” tab to open this application in a new window.


Thematic Mapping

For some applications, being able to shade ZIP codes by certain demographics is required.  Likewise, being able to select certain ZIP codes to aggregate the data is helpful.  This demo shows both for ZIP Codes and Counties. Click the “Launch Application” tab to open this application in a new window.



Multiple layers of data with various types of clustering, drill-down capabilities, etc. Demo coming.

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